Set of 6 HeatSavers for 3" diameter stovepipe

Set of 6 HeatSavers for 3" diameter stovepipe
Pipe Circumference
9.4 inches
Fits pipes with circumference of
9.2 to 10.2 inches
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Please be sure to measure the circumference (distance around) your pipe. This is different from the diameter. See the instructions for help.

Product information

  • This set of 6  HeatSavers will fit a 9.5" - 10" circumference (length around).  That is equal to a 3" diameter.                             PLEASE DO NOT GUESS AT YOUR DIAMETER.    MEASURE YOUR CIRCUMFERENCE!!
  • One set will cover a 9" length of pipe. 
  • The bands are flexible and will stretch a little.
  • Install in minutes without tools.
  • Wrap around your stovepipe, conduct the wasted heat from the pipe into the bands, and radiate it back into your house